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Accomplish Now - Your Health & Wealth Academy

Sandra Rechsteiner

Business Coach & Trainer

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My Story


My name is Sandra. I am a World Traveler, a wife, a Teenager mom and a successful retired job hopper. I had 22 jobs by the age of 33 when I decided to become self-employed. This seemed to be a better solution first, but I've realized that I still had different jobs within my job. I always loved what I did and my freedom as an entrepreneur. But facts were, No work , No income, No money freedom. 

This changed when I got introduced to Forever Living Products. Established for over 36 years, they’re cash rich and hugely successful in one of the biggest growth industries of our time. Health & Wellness. I started a ‘Business in a Box’ - a mini franchise under their umbrella. 

Now, I live the life I always wanted, love my time and money freedom, feel healthy and on top I give away opportunities every day to ordinary people like you and me, who want to achieve extraordinary results. 

If you want to know more, let’s connect and see if you’re my potential six-figure business leader. I will ask you some tough questions. About your character, not your work history. This is not for everyone and I only coach those, who are determined to succeed. You have to be charming, driven and have a strong work ethic. You have to have an interest in helping others and lead a healthly lifestyle. If it is a match, I will personally mentor you and help you get the promotions, the success and the rewards that you are TRULY worth, creating your own six figure income, part time, from home, around your children/family/current business commitments.

FOREVER has helped millions of people, from all around the world, achieve dreams that they never imagined possible.